The second fintus talk

29. October 2019

On the 24th and 25th of October the second fintus talk took place in Frankfurt. A large number of our customers, partners and insiders of the industry gathered in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt to discuss the future of the financial business and necessary steps towards digitisation. To start the event, we held 4 different workshops, e.g. on “New Work” and “Agile Software Development Methods”. Afterwards our evening event was held at the newly opened Lindley Lindberg to round off the day with drinks and a flying buffet. In addition to the presentation of exciting customer projects and the new software version Cockpit 2.0, on the second day of the event, our partners held exciting presentations on digital transformation. The unique setting of the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt provided just the right atmosphere for an intense exchange of information and experience as well as innovative ideas and cooperations in times of dynamic change – our second fintus talk.

Nathalie Gellert, 

29th of October 2019



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