More speed, fewer resources: customized enterprise management and automation of your business processes.

The fintus low-code solution

Control and automate your business processes and systems as needed.

The fintus Process Orchestrator is the control center for organizing the fintus Suite and automating processes. It is used to model processes, enrich them with information from various sources and transfer them to the fintus engine for execution.

The central control element of the fintus Suite automates processes, including decisions, and is the opportunity for completely digital processes that are still executed manually today.



Numerous comfort functions further simplify the work of your employees and ensure the continuous enhancement of your processes. With predefined processes and content, the low-code solution allows specialist departments to adapt and optimize processes themselves. Whether this involves creating a prospect profile, adjusting financing, mapping collateral and its release processes – everything is configured graphically and no longer needs to be programmed.



Benefit from ready-made processes, skills management, specialist user interfaces or industry-standard validations at field level. Automated end-to-end tests ensure the quality of the entire application at all times, while process-level documentation happily replaces outdated organizational manuals afterwards. You and your team don’t have to start from scratch. We offer a choice of templates for recurring processes which you can use as a basis in cooperation with our partners.

Benefits of the Process Orchestrator

Standard instead of in-house development: Compatible with the international BPMN standard

We are changing the world of work. Specialist departments in transition from requests to their own implementation

Saving resources by automating your processes and decisions

Continuous improvement through the connection of additional IT systems and automation

The key features of our low-code solution

  • An entire bank in one software package: Prospective customers, existing customers, processes, user interfaces – all orchestrated by the same software on a single platform
  • Definition of processes and standards valid throughout the company to ensure reusability
  • Linking of processes and decision logics in user-defined hierarchies and relations
  • Graphical modeling of processes according to BPMN 2.0- and easy configuration and administration of business rules
  • Performing technical tests during process processing without IT support
  • Ability to perform tests during process editing without IT support

The key to automating your business processes

Video legitimation? Just a click away. Changing the internal scoring system? Just one configuration away. Evaluating a new data field? Just a few clicks away. With the fintus Suite, data and processes are married together and can be used by everyone.

A large range of interfaces and integration functions allows for a variety of different connections and enables your employees to professionally manage the entire fintus platform after minimal training.

With the low-code platform, fintus offers you state-of-the-art technology for your business processes, case processing, and compliance and adaptation of your business rules, along with flexible customization options.

From theory to executable practice – graphical representation of the codes makes it possible

Instead of documenting processes centrally and inflexibly, in future you will model your processes digitally and decentrally. For this purpose, your process knowledge is stored centrally – and made technically executable.

The fintus Suite uses all available data sources when modeling the process. This means that specific actions can be triggered on the basis of an event (e.g., receipt of a customer’s application for financing his or her dream property) – and, assuming a positive scoring, the process is automated.

The fintus Suite combines process expertise with technologically integrated services that transform process modeling from theory into executable practice. Deviations and special cases are already taken into account during modeling and save valuable working time.


In order to use this information in graphical modeling and decision making, the fintus Suite is connected to external software systems and information sources, such as the account data of prospective customers via PSD2. Individual rule sets can be easily configured to enable dynamic pricing, for example…. After as little as one initial training session, your employees will be able to customize processes and rules themselves.



Rely on bundled expertise to optimize the resources to be deployed and to fulfill the service promise to your customers and partners more easily and quickly. Learn more about our low-code banking solution and actively reduce your company’s costs and risks.

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