fintus Cloud

Enjoy the advantages of the fintus Suite as Software as a Service (SaaS): Reduced effort combined with maximum reliability and service.

Software as a service – certified security in German data centers

We offer the fintus Suite either as software as a service operated in our data centers, or hosted by us at a cloud provider of your choice. In recent years, the industry trend has clearly been towards the provision of software as a service, including operational responsibility on the part of the provider.

The advantages are obvious: no in-house IT resources for operation, no integration of a new application into the operating concept and, in particular, rapid implementation are all compelling arguments in favor of this approach. At the same time, with the amendment of MaRisk and BAIT, BaFin has created a binding framework in which the outsourcing of a standard application such as the fintus Suite is possible.

Should you decide to operate the fintus Suite within our own infrastructure, we offer TÜV-certified security and quality management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in our two data centers located in Frankfurt/Main and Nuremberg. Both data centers are Tier 3+ certified and offer the highest level of failover protection.

Fintus owns and operates the infrastructure and is not reliant on any other subcontractors, with the exception of the CO location provider and the Internet connection. Our goal at all times is to provide the highest level of security and low outsourcing management costs for our customers.

If you have already decided on a long-term relationship with one of the established cloud providers, we will be happy to support you in your strategy. We are already successfully deploying the fintus Suite via Docker containers in the environments of well-established providers (AWS, Azure, SAP, Google, and many more). Monitoring the deployment pipelines, performing updates, and overseeing the fintus Suite are the responsibility of fintus, including 2nd and 3rd level support.


  • Provision of the entire fintus suite, including documentation required by regulations
  • Certified security and quality according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Migration and de-migration concepts to meet regulatory requirements in terms of secure termination support and transition
  • Security through encryption of communications to users, partners and third-party systems
  • Provision of three stages for test, development and production with separate data storage
  • Optional: Operation in German Tier 3+ data centers at the Frankfurt/Main and Nuremberg sites
  • Annual average availability > 99.5 percent during business hours on working days



  • Secure connection via VPN or dedicated connection to your own IT infrastructure
  • Central German-speaking service and help desk (2nd level) with response times from 1 hour onwards
  • Sufficient dimensioning of the infrastructure, adapted to the number of business transactions to be processed and parallel users
  • Provision of fintus Suite updates by arrangement during the contract period
  • Connection of third-party applications via our transformation platform
  • Annual disaster and emergency tests, including documentation

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