Whistleblower Protection

Openness and Transparency – Cornerstones of Our Actions

At fintus, we place great value on openness and transparency. We are constantly striving to evolve and optimize our working methods. Your contribution is essential in this process. Do you have suggestions for improvement? Are there areas where we can do better? We are open to your feedback and suggestions.

Secure and Anonymous Reporting

To provide you with a secure platform for your feedback, we have established a GDPR-compliant whistleblower system. Here, you can submit reports anonymously if you wish. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps to effectively address issues and continuously improve our company culture.

Legal Framework

In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, you are obligated to share only truthful information. Knowingly making false accusations is not permitted. If you wish to remain anonymous, please avoid providing personal data. However, you are free to voluntarily leave contact details to enable direct communication.

How to Submit Your Report

To submit your report, please visit our reporting portal: Reporting Portal. After submitting a report, you will receive a legally secure digital confirmation of the content and submission of your report.

Your Contribution Matters

Every report is a step towards a better working environment and a stronger company culture. We thank you for your commitment and support.