With its layered structure, the fintus Suite holds limitless customization possibilities.

Flexible, customizable and compatible at every level.

With its three layers, the fintus Suite offers countless possibilities for becoming your perfect dream platform.

One interface for all activities – fintus Presentation Layer

Our user interface combines the crucial data from the application lines ERP, CRM and DMS in one interface. Instead of manually distributing work orders and researching information, our cockpit provides all the information needed to complete a process step in a digital banking workplace.

Individualization of the interfaces, forms and user interactions, as well as the information to be displayed, takes place via the graphical administration function. Speed and simplicity apply to the frontend right from the start.

It is presented in a user-friendly manner and brings all information together in one place. The work distribution always ensures the best possible workflow and the underlying processes guarantee the highest possible level of automation.

The interface that adapts to your processes

With our central interface, fintus ensures the integration of all available data. The data model can be easily customized and either uses existing structures or specifies its own. The presentation is limitlessly flexible:


  • Visualization of contract and master data in a modern UI, including relationships to linked entities.
  • Full integration of document workflow, including case files, contract files and other flexible constructs.
  • Automated communication via letter, email and chat or manual communication using templates or variable text modules.
  • Space for integrating your own applications into the fintus Suite – all in one interface.

A comprehensive and well-thought-out toolkit

Our UI communicates with the service layer via REST API. Each function of the UI serves predefined service endpoints and enables a high level of integration and remote controllability. At the same time, the graphically modeled processes via BPMN standard benefit from the high integration depth and thus create automatability of the business processes in the company. Our frontend is based on the Angular framework. We use the latest technologies for our interfaces to provide the user with a modern look and feel for his or her workstation.

A great user experience


  • Modern UI experience of familiar web portals and social media desktops
  • Central integration of all activities + individual action suggestions for optimizing activities
  • Entities can be freely modeled graphically
  • Comprehensive role, rights and release concept for each function
  • Complex field checks are performed via (BPMN) service calls
  • Configurable reporting interfaces display data (KPI) in real time.

Graphical modeling and low-code instead of major projects – fintus Business Layer

We offer true flexibility so that you can model your processes the way you need them. Initial configurations and further customizations can be easily implemented via graphical process modeling. The system is ready to go, right out of the box, with prebuilt processes for application processing, existing customer support, work distribution and much more.

You build your models according to the international standard BPMN 2.0, supported by our central product and content configuration. In combination with the fintus Suite, what was once pure documentation of processes becomes an executable experience. In this way, processes are transformed from theory to practical execution. Modifications can be made by the IT-savvy department on its own.

The variety of interfaces and functions that can be integrated allows for complete administration of the fintus Suite within a very short period of time. This makes fintus the state-of-the-art engine for business processes, case management and business rules that permits flexible customization.


Configuration modifications can be easily applied across different stages of the development cycle, including acceptance testing and going live.

We aim to empower our customers to make their configuration changes online with zero downtime. Staging is just a mouse click away, including approval processes and logging in line with regulatory requirements – all of which inspires business users.

A modular system

Our platform already comprises various modules, each with its own API. Nevertheless, we are constantly trying to achieve an even richer of modularity. This allows us to create standalone products that can be easily connected to external solutions, such as CRM systems, with our digital account view partners, video legitimation, and other pre-built interfaces for integration with core systems. A decoupled, standalone system like this can be completely independent and scaled to your individual needs.

BPMN Engine - graphical modeling of executable processes


Events can be triggered from the various components of the fintus Suite, either by the user or by the system – for example, an application process for commercial lending. These events trigger one or more BPMN processes, including external interfaces for data enrichment. The processes include any modeled logic involving different data sources, such as driving web services or local databases, and the ability to interact with third-party applications.



Third-party systems can communicate through the standard APIs of the fintus Suite backend or directly with the BPMN engine. For example, external comparison platforms that address the fintus Suite as our customers’ rating and scoring engine for an initial preliminary loan decision. Interactions with the fintus Suite related to the exchange of data, the creation or modification of activities or the enrichment of a business case are common scenarios. The standard APIs are available via OpenAPI/Swagger.

Communicative and transparent: fintus Service Layer

Business APIs are at the heart of modern web applications. The fintus Suite combines the power of standardized APIs with flexible extensibility.

Our APIs allow developers to immediately use and integrate the functionalities that fintus offers. This powerful combination creates the foundation for a flexible, scalable and future-proof platform.

The fintus Suite is based on state-of-the-art technologies and architectural concepts.

As an object-oriented and feature-rich programming language, Java is the basis of the essential components of the execution layer. Data is stored using relational databases, with a preference for Microsoft SQL Server and the open-source solution PostgreSQL. Operation is carried out flexibly and with low maintenance in Docker containers.

Unlimited connectivity and security

  • External systems are connected in the service layer. Preference is given to connecting (RESTful) existing functionalities for mapping and automating business processes (e.g., from core banking systems).
  • To synchronize master data from existing systems, we provide a REST API that can be connected in both directions. Additional endpoints allow the integrity of individual data records or the entire inventory to be validated.
  • The fintus suite envisages integrating the data model of existing system landscapes. For this purpose, it provides for the modeling of flat entities including their relationships to each other (n : m, 1 : n) via administration GUI.
  • The APIs provided are designed to be consistently RESTful. All endpoints conform to technological conventions. The API is made available via OpenAPI specification, thus enabling a simple and partially automated connection to third-party systems.

The interfaces you want

We understand that there is no universally applicable method for integrating platforms. That’s why you can choose very different ways to interact with the fintus Suite.

We offer Java interfaces for different use cases, which can be implemented quickly and with maximum flexibility. At the same time, integration into reactive as well as orchestrated architectures is possible.

Business functionalities can be exposed via REST APIs. The fintus Suite offers a wide range of out-of-the-box business APIs. Data reports can be used directly in UIs or generated as exposed services using our engine.

Our partners

The fintus Suite is a platform on which business processes are orchestrated and existing legacy systems are connected. That is why it is only logical to open up the platform to third parties. Together with our customers, we select strategically interesting FinTechs and software companies. The partners are seamlessly integrated into the fintus Suite landscape with their functions. Ultra-short onboarding times with the most innovative providers are proof of the technological prowess of the fintus Suite.

Low-code beats development – simplify your project from request right through to go-live