SelfService portal

Dynamic digital sales support that impresses: Your customer frontend with 24-hour service

Comprehensive digital data – entered by the customer

Impress your customers and employees with the fintus SelfService Portal. This enables every bank to offer customers 24-hour service.

The SelfServicePortal simplifies customer document management and reduces your internal workload. With the help of our customer platform, your customers can log in to their own area, upload required evidence, download documents, and get an overview of the status of ongoing transactions, applications and processes at any time. And all this around the clock.

In the fintus SelfService Portal, your customers digitize and categorize incoming data and documents themselves. The software checks this data and ensures the necessary quality right from the upload stage. Step by step, the customer is guided through the process, guaranteeing the completeness of the incoming data.

Simple processes, such as master data changes, contact data adjustments or the modification of a SEPA direct debit mandate, are therefore carried out by the customers themselves. This provides the customer with complete transparency regarding ongoing processes, their processing status and stored user data.

With the chat function and customer-specific inboxes, queries can be clarified on both sides and new offers can be submitted. This simplifies upselling for your sales team and enables you to sell offers from your partners. With its intuitive user interface and filter and search functions, as well as its appealing design in your corporate identity, the user experience is impressive.

The advantages for you and your customers

Your sales department benefits from simplified upselling through direct customer contact

Reduced workload for your customer center, because your customers can fulfill their wishes themselves

Convenient for the front and back office as your customers submit documents and the checks are fully automated

24-hour service and a central point of contact for all queries, requests, documents and information

The functions of the fintus SelfService portal

  • Document upload and download for submitting proofs and documents relevant to the contract.
  • Your customers stay up to date by being able to view the processing status
  • You communicate exclusively digitally and efficiently using the inbox and chat function
  • Archive, categorize and manage all important documents as well as the customer’s own address and contact data

The perfect complement for employees

Data and documents entered in the SelfService portal are available for processing directly in the Digital Workplace.


In the Digital Workplace, your employees receive what your customers see in the fintus SelfService portal for review and processing. This combines all process-relevant information in a central frontend, giving your employees a 360° view of all important data and documents. The usual switching between multiple systems is eliminated, as is the processing of green cases.

That’s because they are automated thanks to the fintus Process Engine. At the same time, several departments benefit from the various functions of this fintus Suite software component. Intelligent task management (push or pull process), the transparency offered in terms of internal costs, volumes and backlogs, and the simplified upselling make acquiring existing and new customers child’s play.

Low-code beats development – simplify your project from request right through to go-live