Low-code enables even complex processes to be easily implemented. Best of all, fintus technology is freely adaptable to perfectly fit your requirements.

fintus technology is the perfect fit for modern financial institutions – today and tomorrow.

Our technology is light years away from a room full of cables that no one understands. The fintus Suite is invisible to you. All you will notice is that it transforms your business processes and accelerates your speed to market.

The fintus Suite is a future-proof software package based on state-of-the-art IT architecture concepts. The open system architecture is the key to integration and connection in any environment. Every function, every process, every interface can be used via API and creates the highest possible level of flexibility in modern integration scenarios.

Integrating the fintus Suite into existing IT environments is easy. Our implementation partners ensure that for you. On the project side, we link your core banking systems, document management systems and existing ERP/CRM systems. You are free to choose your preferred leading system. The fintus data model is prepared for any eventuality and can be used from Day 1. We take care of initiating business, automating internal processes and decisions, and orchestrating the integrated systems.

From interfaces to processes to backends – the fintus architecture is always preconfigured and flexible.

The three layers of the fintus architecture bring flexibility and innovative technology to every level. From the versatile and easy-to-use user interface, to the easily configurable business layer with predefined processes, product configurations and field checks. And once the deal is done, your customers will enjoy the communication-friendly service layer with its infinite connectivity options and its bank-specific data model.

One single interface for all activities. Our user interface combines the classic ERP, CRM and DMS views into a single interface. Instead of manually distributing work orders and researching information, our cockpit provides all the information necessary for completing a specific process step.

Graphical modeling and low code instead of major projects. We offer genuine flexibility so that you can model your processes the way you need them. You can implement the initial configurations and additional customization via graphical process modeling, carried out according to the international BPMN standards.

Communication friendly and transparent. Business APIs are at the heart of modern Internet applications. The fintus Suite combines the power of standardized APIs with the ability to flexibly extend them. Our APIs allow developers to immediately use and integrate the many functionalities that fintus offers.

Modern, fast and continually improving: Low code for banks.

The fintus Suite systematically pursues the low code approach. Thanks to the BPMN 2.0 standard with a highly integrative configuration and modeling layer developed in-house, we guarantee fast results. Implementation is facilitated by intuitive interfaces, prefabricated masks and processes – with appropriate standards and the option of continuously optimizing them yourself. This saves time and resources and ultimately improves the service you can offer your customers in a sustainable way.

Security and transparency at every stage: the implementation process.

During the customized implementation process, our experienced partners will accompany you in analyzing your business processes, individualizing the prefabricated processes and models, ensuring efficiency at every stage, and training and involving your teams.

Increased security, reduced costs: the SaaS principle.

The fintus Suite integrates seamlessly into your cloud strategy. Whether you choose your own solution or ask us to provide a complete cloud hosting package, you are always on the safe side. With seamless deployment pipelines and constantly updated software, we make sure you are future-proof. Compliance with regulatory requirements and the highest possible availability are integral components of the fintus solution.

Low-code beats development – simplify your project from request right through to go-live