Digital workplace

Less effort, clearer overview – this is how intuitive, automated work is done

Your digital workplace – accelerate manual tasks

As a digital workplace, the central user frontend combines information from all data sources in a single graphical interface. Information from applicants, documents, assigned limits, deposited collateral, concluded contracts, current offers, internal processes – all in one interface. Employees benefit from the centralization of all information – there is no need to switch to other applications.

At the same time, the fintus Suite automates the processes with the available application data, communicates with third parties and is presented to the user with a 360-degree overview. You decide to what extent and with which degree of automation the software solution will be used. Whether you need it for complete processing and customer communication or only for processing applications for red and yellow cases – with your digital credit workstation, all process-relevant documents and information can be retrieved and processed bank-wide, recommendations for action set, and tasks assigned.

Connected to your core banking system, your digital workplace contains all the important data required by your departments for product development, market adaptation, analysis and customer processing, for example. This includes such information as all customer and master data, contract documents, and relationships with all related entities. Practical functions and the intuitive user interface of our fintus Cockpit make your daily work easier.

For instance, automatable task distribution (push routing) helps to automatically assign tasks to the responsible employees and to control the workload across the bank. Customer communication and contract creation also benefit from text modules and automated templates.

When it comes to application reviews, you reap the benefits of significant time savings. Whether opening an account, processing credit card products, vehicle financing or leasing, construction financing, commercial loan or financing products – the fintus Suite automates the unpleasant tasks, covering all steps from the application stage to the core systems. Documentation checks in spite of a green decision, conditions required by a yellow decision (which have to be communicated to the dealer or the interested party), queries during the application review are easily and quickly taken care of. We deliver preconfigured processes and templates for all common financial products. All of this combined creates new freedom for you to concentrate fully on your growth.

Your digital workplace – providing a 360° view of your business partner: Process-relevant information from all systems for all departments

For your back office: to manually check and decide on commitments (B2B & B2C)

For your service center: to fulfill customer requests that cannot be solved via self-service or process automation

For your management: transparency on department & process level (volume, backlogs, optimization potential …)

For your market and product management: analysis of internal costs, lead times and areas of potential

Digital workplace functions

  • Control and prioritization with intelligent task management and work distribution via push or pull principle
  • Only non-automatable decisions appear as a task in the digital workplace, enriched with all necessary information
  • 360-degree view of all relevant contract and master data, including display of relationships to related entities / borrower entities
  • Document management as an integrated component instead of tedious research in archives

One platform for everything – process expertise is the key to success

The digital workplace offers maximum efficiency in all work and process steps – from receipt of the application to completion. In spite of everything that has been digitized and the desire for complete automation, there will always be processes that require manual effort. The fintus Suite unlocks potential here as well: as a central interface, it provides the platform for experts in application processing. The fintus Suite maintains the interfaces to all applications involved and brings together the necessary information.

Transform incoming documents into their constituent parts and then automate them

Set of rules for credit decisions, condition requests and work distribution

Automation of communication – rather than an output monolith: the solution for ad hoc communication

Predefined rule sets for document review and feedback from external providers

Low-code beats development – simplify your project from request right through to go-live