Digital onboarding

From prospect to regular customer (Corporate and private clients) in just a few moments

Using the fintus application path for digital customer onboarding

User-friendly, flexible and time-saving – the fintus digital onboarding ensures legally compliant digitization and automation of your customer onboarding process.

With the fintus digital onboarding, you let your prospects decide whether the contract should be concluded at point of sale (e.g., at the bank branch), digitally online, or a combination of both. You will save time through completely digitized processes, the integrity of input data, and the digitization of your customer onboarding process. No matter whether you need to map an individual account, joint account, vehicle financing, installment loan, leasing contracts or real estate financing – with the digital application section of the fintus Suite, you can achieve maximum closing rates while offering your corporate and private customers an innovative banking service.

The solution covers all process steps, from the creation of an offer, through credit checks and online legitimization, to the digital conclusion of a contract. And it does so in a legally compliant manner, using your own corporate design and firmly linked to your back-office processes for checking and approving applications. Thanks to the fintus Suite, you not only digitize the frontend and your customer onboarding, you also automate the previous processes in application handling.

The key benefits of the fintus digital onboarding

Resource savings through digital conclusion of contracts and automated decisions

Effective fraud prevention and improved scoring thanks to comprehensive data

Higher conversion rates in new customer business through optimized customer journey

Independence from your branches and the usual comparison portals


  • Account/deposit opening, checking/credit cards, overdraft facility
  • Installment credit, overdraft facility, vehicle financing and vehicle leasing
  • Housing loans, construction financing, building savings schemes
  • Subsidized grants, subsidized loans, student loans


  • Account opening, deposit opening, checking card, credit card, overdraft facility
  • Credit, investment financing, working capital financing, export financing & trade financing, factoring
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Subsidy grants, subsidy loans

This is how it works

  • Based on the information provided by our partners, we determine the individual customer score
  • GWG-compliant legitimation
  • Uploading of any required supporting documents is carried out by the applicant
  • The signatures take place conventionally via POST-IDENT or eIDAS-compliant digital signature
  • Yellow/red cases are forwarded to the fintus Cockpit for manual decision-making



Automated security – thanks to the checks conducted by our partners

The fintus digital onboarding is completely paperless – this also applies to the digital, automatic decision. That’s because the connection to our partners enables all important checks to be carried out.

You decide for yourself how the applicants should be legitimized and how the data provided will be checked. Thanks to our partners, we offer a wide range of options for determining creditworthiness, performing identity checks and carrying out the KYC process.

AMLA-compliant legitimation can be carried out conventionally via POSTIDENT procedures, via the established methods for video legitimation (Verimi, Idnow, WebID and Deutsche Post AG), or via the eID function of the client‘s identity card.

We are also happy to integrate identity service providers who already offer authentication as a service (Verimi, yes®). The eIDAS-compliant, digital conclusion of the contract is carried out within the scope of video legitimation, via our signature providers (DocuSign) or as part of the legitimation process.

Creditworthiness can be validated by the PSD2 account view (FinTecSystems) or by the AI-supported OCR/ICR check of submitted document-based proofs (payslips, account statements, statements of assets and household bills).

Perfect integration means more possibilities

As an end-customer frontend, the fintus digital onboarding integrates seamlessly into the fintus Suite. Take advantage of the holistic platform concept and its intelligent components.


The Product Configuration & Scoring Services features manage the properties of your products as well as the necessary content. You can centrally administer your conditions, product information, descriptive texts, terms and conditions, etc. and adapt them yourself at any time with just a few clicks.

The module within the fintus Suite enables you to achieve faster time-to-market for your products as well as enormous flexibility to adapt your existing financing solutions to new market conditions, or to create new ones. Via an interface, the Product Configuration & Scoring Services provide you with a central location for the provision of information to your third-party systems.

Process management and automation are used to orchestrate the digital onboarding and the necessary processes, for example for the integration of our partners or the adjacent IT systems. Rules, dependencies and exclusions are easily modeled according to the international BPMN 2.0 standard.

Our process management and integrated partner companies enable the automation of the application process, including the credit decision, as well as the business processes of your company. With the help of graphical modeling and decision logics, exclusions and rules, you can automate all of the activities you require in addition to new customer acquisition.

The fintus Suite digital credit workplace provides a 360° view of approved applications, customers and natural applications requiring manual decision-making. All available data from the applicant’s details, external credit agencies, documents and internal data of your institution are combined in one interface.

The credit decision is facilitated by a structured process via individual decision or dual control within the digital workplace. You can stop worrying about yellow or red cases and boost your conversion rate at the same time.

Real-world insights: a case study for the digital onboarding

Discover what it looks like when we’ve implemented a fully digital customer experience and automated credit approval in just a few steps.

Low-code beats development – simplify your project from request right through to go-live