Contract-related customer processes digitally and automated – making you faster and cheaper

Your digital approval process or contract conclusion with DialogOnline!

User-friendly, fast, and superbly efficient – with the DialogOnline omnichannel self-service portal for banks, contract-related customer processes are fully digital and highly automated.

This enables banks to obtain approvals or eSignatures quickly and easily, e.g., in order to make changes to GTCs or accept new prices, provide new consent to data processing, or for all other contractual documents. The result is then automatically transferred to your core banking system and the document archive.

Providing maximum relief for your sales staff!

Simple processes and proven, innovative technologies are used to carry out contractual transactions with customers via various access channels – by the bank staff in a branch office, in a customer service center, or directly by the customer.


  • With DialogOnline, offer your customers more intuitive experiences through custom branding and responsive signing.
  • Customers, business partners, and bank employees can sign legally binding documents anytime, anywhere on any device with a comprehensive omnichannel signature experience.
  • In addition to consent and signature functions, digital certificates can be issued to create qualified electronic signatures (QES) thus fostering an even higher level of trust.
  • DialogOnline functions in accordance with the Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the European Market (eIDAS Regulation)


The DialogOnline modules

Make doing business easier, faster, and more cost-effective with our modules for agreements. With intuitive signature or confirmation features, you can give your consent on virtually any device.

Obtain approvals, e.g., for changes to terms and conditions, data quality or communication issues, or broker powers of attorney using eSignature or confirmation and automated transfer back to the core banking systems and the document archive

Obtaining individual customer signatures on bank and association forms in branches, in customer service center or directly online by the customer using advanced eSignature (e.g., for KSV, powers of attorney)

Obtaining individual customer signatures on bank and association forms via e-mail and 2-FA by the customer using a qualified eSignature (e.g., for loan agreements or memberships)

The result in numbers

satisfied partner banks
million digital transactions created
million sheets of paper saved
cost savings compared to traditional methods

Key benefits at a glance

Increased efficiency

Optimize signature-related processes while reducing paper, printing, and mailing costs


Protection against manipulation thanks to secure, legally compliant signature and confirmation functions


Reduce paper and toner inputs, lower your carbon footprint, and protect the environment

More sales time

Reduced workload for sales staff through standardization and automation of sales and service processes

Improved customer experience

Increased customer satisfaction through prime convenience, usability, transparency and speed - from first touch point to signature

Positive side effects

Gain a reputation as a digital pioneer and first mover in the financial services sector among customers

Revolutionize your digital customer communications!