fintus as a partner at the Finance Forward Conference 2023 in Hamburg

fintus is part of this year's Finance Forward conference as a partner at the OMR Festival, which takes place on May 09 and 10 in Hamburg. The conference brings together leading experts from the finance industry to talk about the transformation of the industry and discuss the latest trends and developments in finance. As part of this, Benjamin Hermanns, founder and CEO of fintus, will present in his workshop "Banking goes Low-Code: Hype or Revolution?", he will talk about low-code in the banking sector.

18. April 2023

This year, fintus is participating for the first time as a partner in the Finance Forward Conference, which is taking place for the second time at the OMR Festival in Hamburg. Tens of thousands of visitors and over 800 top-class speakers and stars from the finance, digital and marketing scene are expected in the Hanseatic city. This year’s Finance Forward conference will once again focus on the future transformation of the finance industry.

How low-code can accelerate the transformation of banking will be the focus of the workshop “Banking goes Low-Code: Hype or Revolution?” by Benjamin Hermanns, founder and CEO of fintus. In a 90-minute masterclass, he will provide an exciting insight into the current trends and developments in the banking sector with regard to low-code platforms. Questions such as What is behind the low-code trend in banking? How can credit processes be automated using low-code? Can low-code applications sustainably transform the financial industry and credit processes? will be discussed in the lecture.

The fintus Masterclass offers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and limitations of low-code in the banking sector and provides valuable insights for anyone interested in the future of the financial industry.

“I am very excited to be part of this year’s Finance Forward conference and share my experience in applying low-code in the banking sector. Our goal at fintus is to use low-code to drive and accelerate the transformation of banking business processes and applications”, commented Benjamin on attending the conference.

The masterclass is limited to 200 participants. If you would like to attend, please register by clicking on the “Apply Now” button below and, with a little luck, you will be one of the participants of this exclusive event.

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