#onevision at Schloss Krickenbeck: fintus and finstreet join forces at team offsite

The team locations Münster and Frankfurt of fintus and finstreet met at the idyllic Chateauform Schloss Krickenbeck in Nettetal as part of a first joint team offsite. In addition to the personal exchange, the focus was on the development of common values as a corporate group and on cooperation. Projects and initiatives have already linked the sites since the beginning of the year - now it was time to celebrate the merger and plan the coming months.

22. March 2023

Under the motto “The new us”, the employees of the corporate group met at Chateauform Schloss Krickenbeck for a joint team offsite. The event offered the participants not only an impressive backdrop, but also an exciting and informative exchange within the framework of presentations and workshops. The evening program was another highlight thanks to the diverse range of events offered by the Chateauform group.

The event started with an impressive presentation of the group’s vision as well as the common goals for the year 2023 by Benjamin Hermanns and David Niedzielski. Subsequently, “The new we”, the associated new corporate structure, which will have been an important milestone for further growth, was presented.

Professionally moderated, in the second half of the day the wishes for the joint future cooperation were formulated together, the vision was broken down to daily actions and risks were identified in order to subsequently minimize them with necessary measures. Everyone’s contribution was worked out in a playful way. Using Lego Serious Play, everyone was allowed to creatively construct and present their target image of the group’s vision.

The evening was themed “Casino Royal”. No matter whether the ball rolled, or the cards promised luck – together we suffered and cheered. At the same time, chess tournaments, karaoke performances and skittles betting were used to find out what our team has in common (apart from the common preference for cold drinks of any kind).

The joint event was a complete success. “Working together as ‘one team’ is critical to our success. Our employees have gotten to know each other better and will shape the future stronger as a team. We have defined a common vision and the values for our corporate group and are ideally positioned for future cooperation,” Anja Scheffka, Chief People Officer of the corporate group, describes her impressions.

Together we are strong and only together we will implement our #onevision and drive the transformation of the financial industry as well as the ambitious growth course of the corporate group.

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