Date set for the MAINTECH STARTUP SUMMIT 2019

15. January 2019

Almost two years after the last pitch event, students, graduates and alumni of the Rhein/Main area get the chance to present their FinTech, LawTech and InsurTech ideas In front of a professional jury and maybe even win a considerable amount of money.

At the 11th of April 2019 the second MAINTECH STARTUP SUMMIT is going to take place in Frankfurt/Main. This time, members of the former winning teams as well as people of the field itself are going to join the event. We are already curious who is going to pitch this year and what kind of projects and products they’ll present. Last year’s contestants for example all competed with completely different ideas all focusing on divergent businesses. BlockSource for instance, won with thier blockchain solution turning legal weapon trade completely comprehensible, MedPayRX as a contrast introduced their wonderful app connecting patients, health insurance companies and traders to medical marihuana supply in a legal way. CCEX, however, introduced its platform for the standardisation and manageability of stock market cloud solutions.

This event’s host will be Dr. Markus Mädler of the Frankfurt School while last summit’s winner Neal Swaelens will judge the new competitors together with his fellow jury members. The audience as well will have a major influx on the decision who will climb the winner’s podium. All spectators present will elect the finalists via TED voting in the first presentation block.

We are looking forward to numerous spectators and an exciting pitch!

(And if you want to be present, don’t hesitate to register either as part of the audience or a competitor right now – free admission guaranteed!)


January, 2019
Christina Meyer

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