Time for a thank you

16. June 2019

Two and a half years have passed since we launched fintus and started digitising the financial industry with our platform. Now it’s time to say thank you. Not long ago, we welcomed our 30th colleague, and in the meantime, we are up to 32 already. By year-end we will hopefully crack the 40. My thanks go to a great team of individualists, experts, and lovely people in Sofia and Frankfurt. This rapid growth and our awesome fintus Suite software platform were only possible with you guys.

Our initial projects were pretty challenging, and we spent many nights and days in the office together. Keeping the vision of the fintus Suite in mind alongside all our customer projects was a demanding task. From our “birthplace” in the Techquartier, we soon moved to the brand-new WeWork in Frankfurt, and opened our office in Sofia.

The step from 10 to 20 colleagues felt a bit like switching from a tightknit community to a professional club. Still, we have always tried to avoid corporate facets, which we reject as a matter of principle – and have so far been quite successful at it. So there was no corporate overkill, but the growth did lead to the first rules: rules for working together, development guidelines, bookable conference rooms, regular appointments, guidelines for remote working, and official holiday applications. Because – finally – there was also time for a short break.

Now that we have passed the 30 and are heading for the 40, everything is changing a bit more. We are improving our feedback culture, further internalising our values as the guiding principle of our actions, and preparing for the upcoming growth. We are already planning offices in Switzerland and Austria, which will challenge us to live our culture across all locations.

Many thanks to you all for the great time we spend together! Let’s stay focussed on our vision: “The complete automation of (stupid) manual activities in banking”!

PS: Please visit our awesome team-site:

Benjamin Hermanns,
4th of October 2019

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