Report about the internship at fintus

Maximilian Bargon, former intern and now working student at fintus, shares his experiences gained during his seven-month internship.

5. October 2022

Before the internship
Alongside my studies in Business Administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, I wanted to gain practical experience for my professional development. During my studies, I developed an interest in finance, especially in corporate transactions and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). I became aware of fintus through a networking event at my university, where I had the opportunity to personally meet the CEO and founder of fintus, Benjamin Hermanns. We saw strong synergies in my interest in corporate transactions and strategic acquisitions, so I was invited directly to a personal interview at fintus. Here I got to know my direct supervisor. For both of them, my personal development was a priority, which is why an internship position tailored to me was created from my personal career plans and professional interests.

The start at fintus
I started my seven-month internship at fintus at the beginning of January 2022. I was very warmly welcomed by the entire team and quickly familiarized with my responsibilities.  My first day at fintus started with the first work assignment from the CEO Benjamin: “You are founding a joint venture for AI-supported digital document processing”. So it started right away at full speed.

My tasks
I took the task of setting up a joint venture on my own responsibility as a vote of confidence from day one. The CFO introduced me to all relevant parties on this project at an early stage and gave me more and more personal responsibility in quick steps until I was able to take over the management of the project. I was then assigned another strategic project. From the conception of the research to the processing of the data and the setting up of comparison cases, which I was able to present to the management and the shareholders. In addition to the internship, I was also given the opportunity to develop externally. For example, I was allowed to participate in a training workshop at a German consulting firm, which spent a day on the integration of acquired companies into the financial modeling of the parent company. I also supported the shareholder and private equity house in England for two weeks as part of an acquisition.

Patrick and Benjamin trusted me, paid a lot of attention to my personal development and were always there to help me with any questions. In conclusion, I can look back on a successful internship, with intense times, but also with a lot of fun and personal support from a great team. I will always have fond memories of the regular events, which led to a very good relationship with my colleagues.

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