fintus Customer Success Team under new management

After many years of joint project work, Vanessa Torno is moving from a consulting and implementation partner to fintus. As Head of Customer Success she will be responsible for the successful implementation of the low-code banking platform and will support our partners and customers. Thus, fintus not only gains an experienced consultant for digitalization solutions, but also a fintus expert.

28. September 2022

Since September 1, Vanessa Torno has been heading the Customer Success Team at fintus. Even before she started, Vanessa got to know fintus through many years of joint project work. On the side of fintus’ consulting and implementation partner, she was responsible for the implementation of funding and credit processes in her former position as consultant and project manager. By moving away from Consulting to Customer Success Lead at fintus, she will take on the challenge of further professionalizing the enterprise software-as-a-service platform.

Benjamin Hermanns, CEO and founder of fintus GmbH: “We are happy to have Vanessa join fintus after many years of successful cooperation. As an industry and fintus expert, she is an enrichment for our partners, customers and our team.”

In her new role as Head of Customer Success, Vanessa wants to set a foundation for a successful collaboration with fintus’ customers and cooperation partners. Vanessa, as a link between the development, the product and the users, will support them in the successful implementation of the software together with her team.

More communication, tailored training and the introduction of a dedicated information platform are intended to strengthen collaboration with partners and customers. In her role as team leader, she is particularly concerned with constantly developing her employees and fostering a sense of cohesion within the team. “Working in a fast-growing company like fintus attracted me. I am happy to take over the leadership of this wonderful team and I am already very excited about the new challenges that will come my way in this new position,” explains Vanessa on her first day at fintus.

Right from the start, Vanessa intends to realize various measures to improve internal and external processes. To this end, in addition to regular customer satisfaction measurements, the intensification of communication is targeted. In particular, the participation of partners and customers in the further development of the low-code banking platform is in the foreground. Early information on the roadmap, best practices for the use of new features and the possibility to enter own requirements are initially planned. “As an interface, it is especially important for my team to understand the needs of our partners and customers in order to develop solutions together. I am excited to be part of the fintus success story,” says Vanessa about her new position as Head of Customer Success.

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