Merry Christmas and an accelerated year 2022!

2021 has been a year which started with a high degree of uncertainty regarding the further course of the pandemic. Nevertheless, we as fintus set high goals for the company.

21. December 2021

Retrospectively, we can say: we met our growth targets! With a growth rate of over 150% and an impressive EBIT margin, we arrived in the German SME sector. Concluding, we look back on a year of overachievement, planning accuracy and used opportunities.

AnaCap’s investment in Q4 was definitely a landmark of the year 2021. This decision for AnaCap as a partner is based on a comprehensive process of evaluation of different partnering opportunities to support fintus’ development. The first weeks underline the decision to partner with AnaCap and leaves us looking joyfully into 2022.

Besides economic targets, the finalisation of the eagerly awaited Version 3 of the digital workplace for banks was the focus of our product development. Version 3 combines stronger than ever before processes, documents, communication and collaboration in one platform. The evolution to Version 3 was accompanied by significant investments in predefined customer scenarios while mortgage lending processes as well as lending processes for small to medium-sized customers (SME) were central.

Further, we welcomed new consulting and implementation partners for our fintus Suite. It filled us with joy to see how partner employees became fintus experts and from time to time even trained new fintus colleagues. Our successful focus on partners will be further maintained and developed in the upcoming years. An important milestone in 2022 will be the new customer and partner portal which will pool both our and our partners’ vast knowledge.

Of course, the preparations for 2022 already run at full steam. A second development team in Cluj will support our ambitious software development plans jointly with the existing hub in Sofia. Further, our recruiting in Frankfurt was very successful: we can welcome 7 new colleagues at year-end 2021 / early 2022. All indicators for the new year point to growth. We plan with some 80+ colleagues end of 2022 solely based on our organic expansion. Further, we analyse opportunistically companies which may support fintus technologically and / or professionally to further boost our growth strategy in the next years.

We are very proud to end 2021 in this successful manner. We grew together as a team, had a lot of occasions to celebrate (virtually), further improved the decentralised collaboration and established high degrees of mutual trust and respect.

2022 can come, thanks 2021!

In good tradition, we decided to refrain from dispatching Christmas gifts but instead donated a four-digit number to various institutions and projects over the course of the year, which are important to us:


  • Flood relief, donations for people affected by the floods in Germany
  • Hacker-School, IT courses for children and young people
  • German Agro Action, hunger crises in Ethiopia
  • TechBikers, bicycles and education in Africa
  • German Agro Action, hunger crises in Madagascar
  • Gulderbergplan, camps for children with physical or mental disabilities
  • Malteser, Children Hospice Service Würzburg


We wish our customers, business partners and employees merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022.

Benjamin Hermanns

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