Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2021!

25. November 2020

What a year! Uncertainty about the risks of infection and concern about the success of the health policy and economic measures introduced by the German government have been (and remain) constant companions since March. As a company, we can look back on the year positively. We adapted to the “new normal” within a very short time and were able to practice and establish a new way of dealing with each other. We were able to double sales in 2020 compared to 2019 and our financial result is sustainably positive.

Nevertheless, 2020 was an unevenly turbulent year for fintus. The first half of the year was dominated by online application routes, SelfService portals and automated processes for the Covid19 emergency aid that is so urgent, and short-term customer projects to digitize existing processes in lending. The second half of the year was strategically characterized by a focus on our sales and implementation partners as well as the acquisition of additional customers.

Our software development team outgrew itself in 2020. Within a very short period of time, existing backlogs were worked through, new product modules were designed and taken over into development. At the end of the year, we stand with an even more automated fintus Suite, numerous important functional additions to our Digital Workplace, and an even more powerful central process platform. The backlogs for 2021 already promise great things – and the Digital Workplace will be made available to the first customers in version 3 from summer 2021!

Looking back, it was a turbulent but all the more successful year. We were fortunate not to have any Covid 19 cases in our teams in Sofia and Frankfurt. At the same time, we handled the virus with care and were able to create the necessary space and flexibility for our team and their families.

Together, we are now looking forward to 2021. We are eagerly awaiting the development launch of version 3 of the fintus Suite, are excited about the largest customer in the history of fintus, who licensed 3,000 commercial lending jobs in 2020 and, of course, look forward to the team and revenue growth planned for 2021.

Team fintus wishes you a reflective and relaxing Christmas and looks forward to a new and exciting year!

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