WebID & fintus: revenue growth through video identification & smooth customer onboarding

2. April 2019

WebID is a pioneer and Europe-wide innovation driver for webcam-based video authentication and for the legally compliant online conclusion of contracts on the basis of a qualified electronic signature (QES). Their solutions guarantee security and speed in online identification and contract conclusion. Financial institutions are faced with a great challenge these days. They need to offer seamless digital processes, if they want to acquire digital natives as new customers. The integration of the WebID platform into the fintus Suite enables this through secure video identification and digital contract signing. Financial institutions are thereby able to offer an innovative, legally compliant and above all, secure service.

Paper is a thing of the past! The combination of WebID solutions and the fintus Suite integrates the digital identity into the standard processes of every finance company, whereby unused potentials are tapped. Together with its partners, the fintus Suite combines technology and processes in one platform. The open interface infrastructure enables a deep integration of technologically and economically necessary functions. Frank S. Jorga, Co-CEO at WebID, is looking forward to the cooperation: “We are happy to have gained a strategically important and innovative partner in fintus GmbH. The cooperation and the integration of our solutions into the fintus Suite will benefit financial institutions that rely on secure identifications and qualified signatures provided by WebID and want to automate their business processes with the help of the fintus Suite”.

About WebID

WebID Solutions GmbH is the head of the WebID Solutions Group and the European product leader for legally compliant online contracts and correct personal identification. WebID is the worldwide pioneer in video identification according to the German Anti-Money Laundering Act, which has been successively incorporated into the legislation and interpretation of many countries since. To this day, the company has securely verified and identified more than 90 million user data. The company itself has invented and constantly refined the precise procedures for personal identification. The results of several years of development work have been incorporated into official specifications for the entire industry – with WebID more than fulfilling the regulations.

Nathalie Gellert,

03. April 2019

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