Electronic identity – digital confidentiality of the future, Verimi & fintus

22. February 2019

Financial institutes and fintus customers profit from Verimi’s Single Sign-on solution.

fintus is now using the Verimi identity platform: the Verimi login simplifies the registration and legitimisation of new and existing customers for the online services of participating financial institutes. This reduces entry barriers, reduces the number of transaction terminations, and increases conversion for the company. Customers know the value of their personal data and demand the highest level of security with the lowest possible complexity for this sensitive data, together with the required authorisation.

The identity platform is integrated into the fintus Suite as an API component and uses modern interfaces to generate network effects to achieve maximum market penetration. Verimi provides fintus customers with identities which are compliant with anti-money laundering legislation and also fulfils the comprehensive guidelines in the fight against money laundering (AML). Verimi fulfils all European data protection requirements (GDPR) and combines the highest data protection standards with maximum user-friendliness.

Single Sign-on is an innovative service to reduce regulatory and technological complexity, today and in the future. The integration of this solution is another example that shows how the interface infrastructure in the fintus Suite enables the integration of interesting technological and economic functions. fintus’ technology partners complement the fintus Suite portfolio allowing a variety of functions to be offered to financial institutions in the form of an integrated solution.

About Verimi
Verimi is the European platform for online personal data: you determine how your data is used – with Verimi as the universal access point for all online services. Simply register, login securely, provide online identification, and sign digitally – Verimi enables users to manage their digital identity with online services, companies, and authorities. It is supported by companies such as Allianz, Axel Springer, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Samsung Electronics and VW.

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