fintus Covid19 onboarding platform – solving the banks’ issues within 14 days

26. March 2020

In times like these we help as much as we can. With the Covid19 onboarding platform an adaption of our digital customer onboarding solution, we help our customers to cope with the data flood of upcoming applications for subsidized loans – and thus help companies affected by the crisis to obtain liquidity more quickly. Our solution includes a technical set of rules, the possibility to manage products, a platform for document exchange as well as an interface for case processing.

The pandemic poses unexpected challenges for banks. The unusually high number of applications, new products still to be expected from the federal government and the federal states, inconsistent input channels, incomplete data and lacking proofs from the applicants unnecessarily prolong the processing although economic livelihoods depend on the processing time.

With the Covid19 onboarding platform we enable banks to act in the crisis within the shortest time possible. The most important component is the possibility of distributing work to the respective experts for difficult cases within the fintus Suite. The highest possible level of automation and the complete collection of all relevant data and documents make it easier for our clients to manage their efforts – and pave the way for companies to obtain urgently needed liquidity!

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Christina Meyer 
March 2020

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